"One Health" for a better world

"One Health" for a better world

Today, more than ever, we must take into account that humans, animals, plants, and the enviroment are intrinsically linked. It is time to think health as ONE HEALTH.


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What is the One Health movement

The One health movement is an interdisciplinary holistic approach which thinks heath globally, considering the fact that the health of all lifes are interdependent.

Climate change, pollution, overconsumption and increasing mobility have a large impact on the environment and often leed to animal and human health issues. In the last decades the number of human diseases transmitted by animals has been increasing sharply. 

To rapidly adress the health challenges of the XXIst century, physicians, veterinary and agronomists need to communicate and join forces to preserve the environment and all the living species.


One planet, one health.

Considering the fact that all life are interdependant, we believe it's time to think health as ONE HEALTH. The Vegetal Lab Experience falls into this approach by developping and offering products that take care of both humans and animals without harming the environment.

To meet this vision, we carefully select vegan, plant-based, and eco-friendly product for the benefit of your skin and heath. Shop yours now !


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