We are the Vegetal Lab Experience

Our mission is to bring young European companies together to build a next generation platform in the field of natural wellness, health and beauty. Through this website, we want to promote a holistic and natural lifestyle by offering plant-based supplements, herbal foods and natural/organic skincare products.

The Vegetal Lab Experience is a place where science and nature are not in conflict. We believe on the contrary that phytotherapy, naturopathy, and cutting-edge science can work together for the benefit of your skin and health, whatever your age, gender or skin types.


Indie brands

We bring to light independent brands that place plants at the heart of their concepts.

Why indies ? Because they are the future of our industries. They bring something new and impose higher standards to big and well-known companies

They are cleaner, more sustainable, and they are led by passionate founders commited to take care of us while taking care of the planet.

These are the green brands of tomorrow and they are available here.

Have a green journey 💚