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      Discover the incredible benefits of Adaptogenic mushrooms. Boost your energy, reduce your stress and strengthen your immunity with our natural food supplements

      What is an adaptogenic fungus? 

      Adaptogenic fungi are medicinal fungi that have the capacity to help the body adapt and face various forms of stress, whether physiological, environmental or emotional. These fungi have adaptogenic properties, which means that they help balance body reactions to challenges, thus promoting better global health and lasting well-being. They support homeostasis, that is to say the ability of the body to maintain a state of internal balance despite external changes. Adaptogenic fungi has been used for millennia in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to promote vitality, strengthen the immune system and improve resilience to stress.

      The different types of adaptogenic mushrooms and their benefits

      Chaga, antioxidant fungus

      Chaga is an adaptogenic fungus rich in antioxidants, known for its anti-inflammatory and immuno-stimulant properties. It is known to help fight infections, reduce oxidative stress and support cardiovascular health. In addition, Chaga is also used to improve digestion and promote healthy and radiant skin.

      Reishi, mushroom of immortalitis

      Reishi, also called "mushroom of immortality", is a powerful adaptogen that helps strengthen the immune system, fight infections and reduce inflammation. It is also renowned for its anti-stress properties, improving the quality of sleep and promoting emotional balance. In addition, Reishi can support liver health and cognitive function.

      The cordycers, the energizing fungus

      Very well known to athletes (it is an energy booster that does not enter the category of doping products), the Cordycepts is a adaptogenic fungus famous for its energy and revitalizing properties.

      It helps increase endurance, strength and physical performance, while supporting respiratory and cardiovascular function. Cordyceps is also used to improve libido and stimulate cellular energy production.

      Mane or Héricium lions

      The lion's mane, or "lion's mane", is a adaptogenic fungus known for its cognitive health benefits. It helps stimulate the growth of neurons, improve memory, concentration and mental clarity. In addition to supporting the cognitive function, the Lion's Mane is also used to promote good digestion and strengthen the immune system.


      Why take food supplements to adaptogenic mushrooms?

      Adaptogenic fungi are powerful allies for your health and well-being. As food supplements, they offer a variety of benefits that have been studied and approved by experts. The main advantages include improving stress resistance, stimulation of immune function, increased energy, reduction in fatigue and promoting a healthy hormonal balance. At The Vegetal Lab Experience, we offer powerful adaptogenic mushrooms, to be easily integrated into your daily routine to strengthen your health in a natural way.


      The quality of our adaptogenic mushrooms

      The Vegetal Lab Experience emphasizes the quality, naturalness and efficiency of our Food Adaptogenic Mushrooms. We rigorously select the best ingredients and work with experts to offer you high -end products that respect the most strict environment and manufacturing standards. Our range includes food supplements based on mushrooms such as Reishi, Cordycers, Chaga and Lion's Mane, to bring you all the benefits of adaptogenic fungi in formulations that are easy to use and integrate into your daily routine.

      It is important to always consult a doctor or healthcare professional before integrating adaptogenic fungi or other food supplements in your daily routine. A health professional can guide you on the appropriate dosage, check any drug interactions and help you choose the adaptogenic fungus best suited to your needs and your health.