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      What is Chaga? 

      Chaga, also known as scientific Inonotus obliquus, is a Adaptogenic fungus which grows mainly on birch trees in the cold and humid forests in the north. Appreciated for centuries for its healing and revitalizing properties, the Chaga is considered a super antioxidant supervision, with multiple health benefits.


      Chaga benefits for the skin

      In addition to its health virtues, Chaga also offers remarkable advantages for the skin. Thanks to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, a Chaga organic food supplement contributes to:

      • Improve elasticity and firmness of the skin
      • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
      • Hydrate and nourish in depth
      • Soothe irritations and redness
      • Promote the healing and regeneration of skin cells

      Incorporating a Chaga organic food supplement into your beauty routine can therefore help you keep healthy, young and radiant skin.


      The benefits of organic chaga on the immune system

      Chaga is widely recognized for its positive effects on the immune system. By integrating a Chaga organic food supplement into your daily life, you can stimulate and strengthen your natural defenses thanks to the following properties:

      Stimulation of immune cells

      The Chaga contains beta-glucans, natural polysaccharides that help stimulate the activity of immune cells, such as macrophages and lymphocytes. This stimulation strengthens the immune response to infections and other pathogens.

      Immune system modulation

      The Chaga also acts as an immune modulator, helping to balance the suractive or subactive immune responses. This modulation capacity can be particularly beneficial for people with autoimmune diseases or allergies.

      Anti -viral effect

      The antiviral compounds present in the Chaga help to fight viral infections, in particular those caused by the herpes virus or the flu. By strengthening the body's resistance to these viruses, Chaga promotes better overall health.

      Antioxidant protection

      Chaga is a natural source of powerful antioxidants, such as melanin, polyphenols and triterpenoids. These antioxidants help neutralize free radicals in the body, thus protecting cells from damage and supporting the proper functioning of the immune system.

      Reduction in inflammation

      Chaga has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation in the body. A reduced level of inflammation supports a healthy immune system by avoiding the overload and exhaustion of natural defenses.

      In summary, the benefits of Chaga on the immune system are multiple and varied. By choosing to incorporate a Chaga organic food supplement into your routine, you actively help to strengthen and support your immune system and improve your general well-being.


      What form of food supplement to organic chaga to choose? 

      Powder or capsules? That is the question. It all depends on your personal appetite, but here is a small top to help you choose your food supplement to the organic Chaga as well as possible.

      Organic capsules

      Opt for simplicity and convenience with our organic Chaga capsules. Made from pure and concentrated extracts from Chaga, they retain all the benefits of this exceptional superfood. Easy to integrate into your daily routine, they bring you the following advantages:

      • Precise and constant dosage for optimal results
      • Rapid and effective absorption by the body
      • Discretion and ease of transport, ideal for active people
      • No afteralls or interaction with other foods
      • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

      Integrate our organic Chaga capsules with your daily diet and enjoy all the benefits of Chaga effortlessly, wherever you are.


      Organic chaga powder

      Add organic chaga powder to your smoothies, yogurts or other culinary preparations to enjoy its virtues while savoring your favorite dishes. Our organic chaga powder is obtained thanks to a soft drying and grinding process that preserves nutrients and beneficial properties of the fungus. By choosing our organic chaga powder, you benefit from:

      • Great versatility to incorporate it into your favorite recipes
      • Optimal absorption of nutrients thanks to its fine and homogeneous texture
      • A subtle and pleasant aroma which integrates harmoniously into various dishes
      • The possibility of personalizing the dosage according to your needs and preferences
      • A certified organic product, without GMOs or additives

      Enrich your meals and drinks with our organic Chaga powder and take full advantage of this mushroom with multiple health benefits.


      Why buy a Chaga organic food supplement?

      Chaga is a wild fungus harvested in northern forests, recognized for its many health benefits. By choosing to buy a Chaga organic food supplement, you benefit from the following advantages:

      • Reinforcement of the immune system
      • Improved general well-being
      • Powerful antioxidant intake
      • Protects the skin of oxidative stress 


      How to choose your food supplement to the organic Chaga?

      Buying a Chaga organic food supplement at The Vegetal Lab Experience is choosing quality and ethics.

      Here are our commitments:

      • Organic and GMO certified products
      • A sustainable and environmentally friendly harvest
      • Rigorous tests to guarantee purity and efficiency
      • Fast and secure delivery