Powdered food supplements

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      4 products

      The alternative to capsules.

      Powdered food supplements are increasingly popular for their ability to improve health and well-being in a natural way. Adaptogenic powders are particularly popular for their ability to help the body adapt to stress. Discover the dietary supplements in powder highly concentrated in adaptogens that will revolutionize your wellness routine.

      The benefits of powdered dietary supplements 

      Powdered food supplements offer many health benefits, such as improving digestion, healthier skin, better mood, improved concentration and better stress resistance. The benefits vary according to the specific ingredients of each powder, but they all have their use of natural and organic products to improve health.

      How to choose the adaptogenic powder that suits your needs

      The choice of adaptogenic powder that best suits your needs depends on your health goals and your lifestyle. For example, if you are looking to improve your energy, the Guarana is a wise choice, while the lion's mane is ideal for improving concentration. If you are trying to strengthen your immunity, opt for an adaptogenic powder containing Reishi. By taking into account your personal needs and preferences, you can choose an adaptogenic powder that suits you best. 

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      Key ingredients for powdered food supplements

      The main ingredients found in powdered dietary supplements often include turmeric, maca, ginseng, the reishi, the lion's mane, the cordycepts and theashwagandha. Each of these ingredients has specific health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory properties, better energy or a strengthening of immunity. 

      Powder food supplement VS food supplement in capsule: What is the best option?

      This is the question of the moment! Food supplements powder and capsule both have advantages and disadvantages.

      The first point in favor of capsules is that of practicality! (except for me who is unable to swallow a capsule); They are easy to transport and take. However, they can take longer to be assimilated, which can limit their effectiveness.

      THE powdered food supplements, as for them, are more quickly absorbed by the body, which can make them more effective. Powder can also be added to drinks or foods, making them more versatile than capsules.

      However, powdered dietary supplements often require longer preparation and powders can be more difficult to dose with precision. This can be at the beginning, but can also allow you to adjust the doses consumed according to your needs of your feelings. Something that is impossible to do with capsules.